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For every construction project, the reports are an essential part of the project documents. Setting up your list of points is important to have a nice result in your final report.  


Tip : You can surely create a new list of points on iOS but we advise you to do it on the web application as you can fill in the complete information.


When you establish a list on the Web application :

  • Select your project and have a direct access to your different lists.
  • Choose how you want your lists to be displayed.


Therefore, use the two icons on the top of your lists :



As a thumbnail :



As a grid :



Tip : The search field for the lists, is a filter you can use to display only the open or archived lists. You will find this field back at the top of the lists.


By default the application creates the entire project for you. It contains all the informations of the different lists of the project.


It is the only list within you can work with the licenses that are inferior then the expert package.



Once you open the entire project, you will notice a black stripe at the upper part of the list, this to distinct the list of the entire project from the other types of lists.


Your other lists types (reserved to the users that have at least the Expert package) are displayed with a green stripe on the upper part of the list :



The public list (available from expert license) will give you the possibility to stock by default all your points, if you are not working within a customized list. 



The private list (available only for enterprise license) will give you the possibility to save your private points, those you don't want to share. It is also this list that will be used automatically to add your points, if you didn't select a particular list.   


The customized list (available from the expert license) will give you the possibility to create your customized lists.




To create a new customized list :


  • Select the function +.


A window will open, where you can fill in the general information of the list.



You can also fill in, the following :

  • The code of the list. (Required field).
  • The title of the list. (Required field).
  • The date.
  • The representation / symbolic of the points.
  • The attribution of the floor.
  • The attribution of the type of building.
  • The name of the author of the report and the name of the project are by default filled in.


Valid your list with the function save.

You can add later on ; documents, photos, participants, and of course the points.



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