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1) To see your different lists you have to click on the the little arrow  next to the project name + Entire project (project you are in, is written on the top).



2) You can then choose in which list you want to work or see the points, documents and participants.



You can filter your list on

  • All
  • Archived

By ticking on


Quick actions can be performed on the list (if you have the rights to it) by clicking on  

  • Archive a list
  • Create a new occurence
  • Generate a report 



  • You can create a new occurrence and send the report of the previous occurence of the list to the participants of your choice
  • Or just create a new occurrence (without report generation)

A next occurence is created when you want to change the numbering of your points in the list :

  • 1st meeting:  1.01, 1.02, .... 1.43
  • 2nd meeting : 2.01, 2.02, ... 2.57
  • ... 



  • Tap to load preview
  • Send the report out by mail by clicking on send report



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