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The creator (administrator) of a project  can ( with an ENT license) define the statuses of his project, in the settings, on the Web.

He can so define which of the actives statuses is considered to be  "done" or  "to do" and he can restrict some other statuses to be used only by managers/admins of the lists. 

This way all the participants of the project use the same standards and rules.




Changing the status of one or several points is very easy on Android.


Change the status of a point

  • Slide your point to the left, to be able to change the status of the point, by clicking on .


  • Choose between the predefined statuses and tick on it.


  • The status of the point has been changed to planned.



Change the status of several points

  • Tick for 2 seconds on one point. The multi edit will then be activated and your point will be displayed in green. You can now select several points manually. Or you can choose to select the function select all.
  • Open the little menu, with the functions that can be used in multi edit by clicking on .




  • Select Change status and choose the status to which you want all your selected points to be changed.
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